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A pack of Downward dogs under the moonlight

You never know what is waiting for you under the moonlight.

Yesterday evening I went for a swim with Patricia and Lilla. Afterwards we decided to practice some yoga casually. Yoga under the moon, by the sea. Should we do some Moon salutations too? Why not?

After a few rounds, arriving into downward facing dog, we noticed that behind us a pack of 8 little Downward dogs manifested, silently shadowing our moves as we flew through our moon salutation sequence. The little Downward Dogs appeared in the form of little italian kids of all sizes, between the age of 3-7 years, so most of them were more like Downward Puppies.

We waved to them to come closer and join us, but they were too shy and ran to sit down on the side instead. But curiosity was stronger and within a few minutes they were back behind us imitating our moves.

Slowly they became more and more confident and one by one they sneaked to the area in front of us from where they got a better view of what we were doing. Our common language was the language of movement, but it was enough. And they followed and followed and followed, not giving up, they were flowing through the sequences with us. We were amazed by the enthusiasm and playful approach with which they were trying to get into the poses that also challenge adults.

Then we continued with practicing a few standing poses. And there they were, in front of us, the cute little Yoga Warriors of different ages and sizes, all appearing to be really proud to be doing this.

But balancing has proven to be tricky... so why not form a circle, hold hands and help each other through the challenge?

From our triangle poses we could see that half of the beach bar is watching us, including their parents and some waiters too. Everyone was part of this spontaneous and magical moment, which kept us smiling, giggling or laughing.

So it happened that what started as a few relaxing stretches under the moonlight with friends, turned out to be one of the most spontaneous, heartwarming and giggly yoga experiences I ever had as the Downward Puppies joined our pack:)

We felt grateful for our little visitors who stormed away screaming "Bagniooooo" when they saw their parents finally finishing their meal and walking towards the sea. It was the sign for the little Downward Dogs that it's time for a night swim; they ran and dashed into the water.

But after the swim they came back and told us one by one "thank you" and I remembered good night is "buona notte" in Italian:)

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