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sound for yoga- singing bowl workshop for yoga teachers

“The Singing Bowl Workshop for Yoga Teachers that I attended recently was very interesting and extremely well organised.  Szilvia is a very enthusiastic and talented teacher and her enthusiasm really shines through in her teaching. Throughout the course I feel I have gained the confidence, knowledge and skills that I need to play singing bowls and I am looking forward to introducing 'sound' in my yoga sessions.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga and sound teacher training workshop with Szilvia.
Her style of teaching is professional but also friendly and welcoming, her knowledge of sound therapy is vast.
I came away from the training feeling confident to start incorporating sound into my classes, and feel very privileged to have had this knowledge passed onto me from someone clearly such an expert in their field.
Would highly recommend.”


“Szilvia's course is the playful way of learning how to use these beautiful bowls. She was so keen to provide us with tailor made, practical info on how to make the bowls sing !
I appreciated that I had the unique opportunity to try the basic sequences and harmonies on 5 or even more bowls! I felt that this made me understand the quality of their sound and how the resonance of the bowls effect each other so in the end it all adds up to an experience that brings very deep, almost infinite harmony.
I got the basic knowledge and practice that makes me a confident starter. Now I can bring these harmonising sounds into my classes.”


bathing in harmony- singing bowls workshop for general public


"The workshop was a wonderful introduction to working with sound to create different states within the mind and body. The approach was joyful and informative with chance to give and receive sound using the singing bowls. The yoga practice continued the deep awareness which had been established and gave a beautiful, silent contrast to the sound. The sound bath was deeply relaxing and a total treat for the whole being."



"Szilvia has an amazing energy so you feel at first as if with an old friend. Szilvia’s voice is so gentle and makes you feel completely relaxed. She helped to give some insight into how sound can effect you.  I felt very happy and laughed lots!" Jemma


"A Lovely experience. I loved experiencing holding the bowl and feel the vibration of the rest of my body. I have never had that experience before, as I had only listened to the sounds. Very relaxing and calming relaxation, and Szilvia’s voice is very soothing. Thank you for today."



"Don’t worry if you are new to sound and yoga, this is light hearted and fun! I am a yoga teacher and I really needed some relaxation to meditate (which is difficult when teaching yoga yourself and teaching to high school too!). Szilvia describes the experience of the sound bowls as a fast train to mediation which is exactly what the workshop delivered. Thank you Szilvia" Gitu


"Szilvia is such a very welcoming and warm person, I can honestly say I didn’t know what to expect, felt the whole workshop very enjoyable with a variety of experience. I can say I feel very relaxed and in a great place. Thank you."



“Relaxing to the sound of Tibet – what more can you ask for” 



"Szilvia was kind, open and welcoming. The sound bath awakened the senses whilst relaxing and rejuvenating. I would well recommend Szilvia’s yoga and sound workshop."



"This was my first sound bath experience, I truly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend others to try it. The beautiful sounds of the singing bowls are truly amazing, the profound sounds and unexpected vibrations through the body are a great way to relax and just be at one with yourself. I can totally see how this could be introduced into my meditation practice. Thank you Szilvia. "



"Extremely relaxing. Experience the vibrations of the sound bowls!"



"Yoga & sound is a beautiful combination. The focus on your mind and body developed throughout the yoga practise really helps to heighten the senses allowing you to fully absorb the relaxation. As the waves of sound in the form of the Tibetan singing bowls wash over you in the relaxation phase you feel incredibly calm and at ease, it’s wonderful! Thank you Szilvia!"



private sound bath


"The way you play the instruments is full of meaning and easily leads me into deep zones of my mind. You have a gift."


"I have been meditating daily for a long time. The sound relaxation not only gives you a deep relaxation experience but also takes you to a deep meditative state, in which you may feel as if your brain is synchronized with the unique sounds of the relaxation. It is so relaxing and awakening that I would strongly recommend you to try it out."


"I was introduced to sound relaxation by a talented yoga teacher, Szilvia Gardian. Before the session starts, Szilvia professionally explain to you everything what you need to know. And after…you just sink into calming state of your body and mind. Letting everything go and just connecting with the sound. In one point I felt we became one – the sound and me. The sound was within me. Just breath-taking. With Szilvia’s sound therapy you forget about everything. It is just what your soul needs. Thank You Szilvia!"



"From start to finish, this has been a harmonising experience. The sweet tones of your voice coaxed my body into a state of timelessness and relaxation.The sound of the first singing bowl took me out of this world.The notes created a vibrating harmony, and I felt a sesnsation of energy vibrating around my body like a cocoon. A feeling of blissful contentment arose. Szilvia, you tune into the person. Your intuition serves you perfectly and the visualisations were meaningful, enhancing the transformative effect of the sound vibrations."




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