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Portrait of Szilvia Gardian

My aim is to help my clients improve their general physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

To achieve this I deliver private, corporate and group sessions of yoga, pilates and sound wellness. I dedicate a considerable amount of my time facilitating workshops for yoga teachers, as well as to members of the general public sharing my specialised knowledge on singing bowls.

about my yoga and pilates classes

I believe that a good practice should be not only effective and safe, but also educational and enjoyable. I emphasize precision and a mindful approach both in my yoga and pilates classes. I aim to create a welcoming and professional environment which is also engaging, fun and light-hearted.

Building on a strong background of instructing various group exercise classes for over a decade, I became most interested in teaching mind & body exercise methods, relaxation and meditation for my clients. I am an Associate Level 2 Member of Yoga Alliance and I hold a STOTT Pilates instructor qualification. My further specialist trainings include pre- and postnatal Yoga and Pilates as well as Yoga for Children.

about my work with singing bowls

Soon after graduating as a yoga teacher I found my calling when I got introduced to the art of using singing bowls by my aunt, Szilagyi Zoltanne Balint Gyorgyi, who is the founder of the Sound Therapy Institute Budapest.

After my initial singing bowl training I was eager to explore the possibilities of combining sound work and yoga. Under the professional guidance of my aunt and mentor, I spent 2 years  developing Yoga & Sound, before launching it at the Yoga Show Manchester in 2014. YOGA& SOUND is my interpretation of how a mindful Yoga practice and the use of Himalayan Singing bowls can best support the process of uniting mind and body in a relaxing and energising experience.

I found that many people are intrigued by singing bowls and are curious to learn more about these beautiful instruments - this is why I started teaching the “BATHING IN HARMONY- INTRODUCTION TO SINGING BOWLS” workshops. My intention was to create a space where people can get closer to singing bowls. During the workshops participants can fully immerse in learning to play singing bowls, listening to their sound, observing their effect, learning about their origin. I give advice on how the singing bowls can be used at home and which are the best ways to choose, buy and clean them.

Over the years of teaching this workshop I was approached by numerous yoga teachers who were interested in incorporating singing bowls into their classes. I decided to share my specialised knowledge and experience about using singing bowls in yoga classes and launched the “SINGING BOWLS FOR YOGA TEACHERS ” courses.

I offer these workshops in the UK and in Malta.

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