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yoga & sound

at ashtanga yoga manchester

Monday afternoon sessions at Ashtanga Manchester with Szilvia Gardian will be truly special. They will retune your mind and body so that you can head to into the rest of the week completely relaxed, refreshed and energised.

The New Yoga & Sound Bath sessions at AYM will include a mindful yin&yang yoga practice and a 40 min long sound bath relaxation with Tibetan singing bowls. Sounds like just the right end-of-the-week yoga treat, doesn’t it? Add the harmonising sound of traditional tibetan singing bowls, temple cymbals and chimes to it, and you will never want to miss it!

You will invite your body and mind into the practice with a short focusing sound meditation. Let your mind ride the waves of sound into silence, to enter your practice in a state of mental focus and awakened body awareness. The gentle mindful YOGA practice is designed to help you open your body and mind so that you can effortlessly ease into a state relaxation, and fully absorb the positive effects of the SOUND BATH. The 40 min long Sound Bath is an experience which pampers your senses with sound and vibrations.

The harmony of sounds will enhance your relaxation experience and will take your meditation practice to the next level. As your body resonates with the tones surrounding you, stress melts away and you begin to feel refreshed and retuned. A special experience not to be missed!





Venue: Ashtanga Yoga Manchester Studio
             LOFT STUDIO
             38 King Street West
             M3 2WZ


Time:   Mondays 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 

Cost :   £10/person drop in (£8 / £7 with aym passes)




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