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Yoga & Sound Insight Workshop series

with Szilvia Gardian


Invite the harmonising effect of sound and vibration into your life in the New Year!


Each workshop will include:
- a Yoga & Sound master class
- knowledge and exercises reflecting the workshop’s theme



Workshop 1: The sound of singing bowls

During the first workshop you will learn about singing bowls, their therapeutic effect, and sounding techniques. You will take home a personal experience of connecting with these wonderful instruments through specific exercises.


Workshop 2: The sound of your own voice
In the second workshop we will explore sound through harmonising techniques that use the vibration of your own voice. You will learn simple exercises that you can easily practice at home.


Workshop 3: Sound and yoga tradition
During the third workshop we will merge sound and meditation techniques. We will reflect on the way sound is referred to in the yoga tradition.  



The Yoga & Sound Master class combines gentle yoga practice and a sound bath relaxation with Tibetan singing bowls. The YOGA practice is designed to help you open your body and mind so that you can effortlessly ease into a state relaxation, and fully absorb the positive effects of the SOUND BATH. The Sound Bath is an experience which pampers your senses with sound and vibrations. The harmony of sounds will enhance your relaxation experience and will take your meditation practice to the next level. As your body resonates with the tones surrounding you, stress melts away and you begin to feel refreshed and retuned.


Healthy snacks and tea will be offered.
Small group sessions with personal atmosphere, pre-booking is necessary.


Individual workshop: £45/person/workshop
Full series:  £100/ person for 3 workshops (when booking all 3 workshops together)


Booking:,, 07902780511



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