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Yoga & Sound Weekend session 

at Ashtanga Yoga Manchester

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 5pm - 7pm

Experience a mindful yin & yang Yoga practice combined with Sound meditation featuring Chinese Gong and Himalayan Singing Bowls – a perfect Saturday afternoon treat once a month.
These sessions are longer then a usual Yoga & Sound class, enabling you to immerse in nourishing vibrations, relaxing and energizing yoga poses. They also focus on different theme each month.

Yoga & Sound Bath experience


Invite your awareness into this session with a short relaxation and a simple breathing exercise. Szilvia will guide you through some gentle yoga poses which will help you open your body and mind. This yoga practice is designed to effortlessly ease you into a state of relaxation so that you can fully absorb the positive effects of the sound bath. Enjoy the relaxing, energising and harmonious vibrations of a gong, traditional Tibetan singing bowls, temple cymbals and chimes.

Suitable for all levels, no experience required.


Price: £20


Ashtanga Yoga Manchester

38 King Street West

Manchester M32WZ


Contact Szilvia Gardian for further information and booking details or click here to book your tickets directly through the Ashtanga Yoga Manchester website

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