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Immerse yourself in an evening of relaxing and energizing sounds.
Emerge relaxed, refreshed and resonating harmony.

Sound practitioner, yoga and pilates teacher Szilvia Gardian ( ) brings the sound bath experience to Didsbury, Manchester.
To create a sea of nourishing and harmonizing sounds she uses a fully harmonious set of 8 Himalayan singing bowls, an 80 cm Chau gong and a 40 cm Wind gong along with other intuitive instruments.



Community Church Hall, Didsbury Baptist Church

Beaver Road

Manchester M20 6SX



Thursday, 31st March, 7:30pm -8:30pm

Ticket price:

£10 per person

Contact and bookings:

Pre-booking required due to limited capacity.

Contact Szilvia Gardian for further information and booking options.

Secure card payment booking available through Eventbrite page, click here to book now.


Practical information:

Please bring your own mat & blanket.

Warm, layered comfortable clothing is recommended.
No previous experience is needed, all welcome.


A deeply relaxing and energising experience

Gongs and Singing bowls have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years. They are being rediscovered by our modern world, as a tool to aid relaxation and induce meditative states.
You can experience their powerful effect during this group sound bath session.

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a deeply relaxing and energising experience. It is a perfect way to balance out the stress of your everyday life.

A sound bath is an experience which pampers your senses with sound and vibration. The term “Sound Bath” is used because you are “bathed” in the vibrations and sound of the gongs and singing bowls.

During the Sound Bath you will lie down or find another comfortable position, relax and just allow the sounds to wash over you.
Szilvia will guide you into relaxation where you can fully absorb the harmonic sound of traditional Chinese Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, temple cymbals and chimes. As your body resonates with the tones surrounding you, stress melts away and you begin to feel refreshed and retuned.

Sound bath in Didsbury with Gongs & Singing bowls


Thursday, March 31,   7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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