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"Pilates with precision" workshop


17th May, 2:00-6:15pm

At Jungle Spirit Yoga Center, Malta


2 workshops with Szilvia Gardian UK trained and based pilates and yoga instructor


After a successful workshop last December Szilvia Gardian is back to Malta and to Jungle Spirit to give another set of Pilates with Precision workshops on the 17th May, Saturday.

This time she will give two Pilates with Precision workshops:

Pilates with precision 1.- Learning the basic techniques

Pilates with Precision 2.- The basic techniques applied in exercises


The first workshop will cover the same knowledge as the workshop she gave last December: she will teach you the basic techniques of Pilates with Precision.

During the second workshop we learn how to apply these techniques while practicing the most common Pilates exercises.

Suitable for all levels

Both new and experienced students of pilates are welcome.



Venue: Jungle Spirit Malta


1) Pilates with precision 17th May, Saturday, 2:00-4:00pm,

    participation fee: 35 Eur

2) Pilates with Precision 17th May, Saturday, 4:00-6:15pm

    participation fee: 35 Eur



Save 20%, 15 Eur when booking both workshops together.

Both workshops booked together: 55 Eur




Pilates can give you a lean, strong and flexible body. It can help you to improve your posture and reduce the risk of injuries during practicing other sports.

Whatever your goal, these benefits can only be achieved if you practice your pilates exercises with precision.




In this workshop I will teach you 5 easy techniques which will enable you to move through your pilates practice with ease and grace. You will develop an awareness for the details that are imperative to achieve the results you are aiming for.


The main topics covered in the workshop will be:

correct breathing technique during pilates exercise; the key to mindful movement and accessing deep stabilising muscles

correct pelvic placement to stabilize the lower back; the key to avoiding lower back pain

correct ribcage placement to stabilize the spine during the movement of the arms; the key to avoiding tension build-up in the upper back

correct scapular movement; the key to keeping shoulders tension free

correct head and neck placement; the key to avoiding development of pain in the shoulder and neck area


Each techique will be introduced in detail. We will practice specific preparatory exercises to learn these methods.





In the second workshop will take you through a practice which will include the most common Pilates exercises. We will learn how to apply the techniques we have just learnt in the first workshop during our pilates workout.





Szilvia Gardian is based in the UK, where she has trained as a STOTT pilates teacher at the STOTT Pilates Academy in London. She is also a certified yoga instructor and trained in relaxation techniques with Tibetan singing bowls.

She is very passionate about sharing her diverse knowledge with her students during the workshops, retreats private sessions and group classes she teaches.

Using the tools of pilates, yoga and sound wellness - her aim is to help her students to improve their general physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and experience an existence infused with balance and harmony.




The STOTT Pilates method is based on the original Pilates method which was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. It is however enhanced with today’s knowledge of modern exercise science in order to ensure best results and a safe workout for everyone. The STOTT Pilates method is internationally renowned for the quality of its training and its instructors are amongst the most sought after.

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