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corporate wellbeing


Invest in the wellbeing of your employees!


Benefits of corporate wellness solutions:

  • Improved concentration, productivity, creativity , mental and physical wellbeing

  • Happier and more patient, loyal working environment and workforce


my approach to corporate sessions


If you would like to hire a qualified and experienced wellbeing professional who feels at home in a corporate environment, you  found the person you were looking for. Having worked in a corporate environment gives me a good understanding of requirements companies have towards corporate activities. FLEXIBILITY, PROFESSIONALISM and RELIABILITY are distinguishing features of my services.


Besides my wellbeing qualifications, I hold a business management degree and have specialised corporate experience.


Before taking up teaching mind & body workouts and relaxation techniques, I had a career in a highly competitive and fast paced environment myself. I worked for several years in Corporate Event Management. During this time I learnt first-hand how important and beneficial it is to consciously manage and balance the physical and mental challenges of a fast-paced working day by various stress management activities and techniques.


Corporate recreational activities do not just provide stress management and physical benefits for the individual employees, they are a common experience for colleagues, through which they can get to know another side of each other. These valuable, outside work, experiences translate into better cohesion, better understanding between team members, a friendlier working environment and ultimately more efficiency and productivity for the company. I love to facilitate this process by creating a friendly, light hearted and supportive environment during my corporate sessions.


wellbeing solutions for companies


Besides weekly yoga, pilates and sound sessions I developed various innovative wellbeing solutions for companies. Please contact me for a list of services I offer for my corporate clients and arrange a meeting or a trial session with me.




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