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Szilvia Gardian in a Yoga Pose



Yoga provides great physical benefits, regular practice improves flexibility and strength. It contributes to better posture, healthier joints,, better balance, leaner and stronger muscles. Practiced with the correct technique, yoga can also prevent and improve backpain and other aches. Many people start yoga for these physical benefits, but most of us stay with yoga because its effects are much further reaching then just physical.


Yoga leaves you with an increased feeling of well-being. Practicing yoga is a great way to clear your mind and release stress. Yoga can guide you to a path of increased awareness and self growth. Yoga invites you on an exciting and empowering journey. You learn to connect to your body and breath at a deeper level. During the yoga practice we become aware of our breath. We become concious of physical sensations in our body, and of the position of our different body parts and muscles. Improving body and breath awareness makes you feel more at home in your body.


yoga in my life


I started practicing yoga in 1996. At that time I worked as an event manager in a fast paced and highly competitive environment. I was amazed by the profound effect that one yoga class per week had on my life. Yoga felt, and continues to make me feel, like arriving home. My yoga practice helped me clear my mind and body from the tensions of my daily life and work. More surprisingly, the positive effects of yoga appeared in my everyday life too.  I started to deal with stress much better. I could stay centered, focused and calm in challenging situations.

The gift of yoga for me was a general sense of wellbeing and balance.


After several years of enjoying the wonderful effects of yoga in my own life, I felt that I was ready to share these effects with others and become a yoga teacher. I trained in ashtanga- vinysa, power yoga style. During various workshops and trainings I got inspired by many other styles of yoga. My experience in teaching Bodybalance™ and Pilates also helped me develop my own teaching style and find my own teaching voice.


a yoga practice with me


Dynamic yoga practices wash through the tensions in the body by warming up the muscles and realigning the body. Slower calmer practices awaken a deep body awareness which is a powerfully nourishing experience. In my classes I combine these two approaches to yoga.


a truly special yoga experience:

yoga&sound with szilvia gardian


As much as I enjoy movement, I am intrigued by the power of relaxation which clears out tension and invites energy, freshness and rejuvenation into our whole being. I developed a keen interest in different relaxation techniques. Sound and music has always played a special role in my life, so it was not surprising that sound relaxation found me.


Singing bowls have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years. The harmony of sounds will enhace your relaxation experience and will take your meditation practice to the next level. I enthusiastically share this powerful experience with others during private sound sessions or group sound baths.


read more about private sound sessions/group sound baths


I also created the yoga&sound sessions, to combine my passions for yoga and sound relaxation.


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